The Obstacle Is The Way (Book)

I got this book suggested by someone who used to be a D1 kicker on the football team in the ACC, built and owns a multi-million dollar business, is a scratch golfer, travels on the national squash team, and for fun plays tennis at a remarkable high level. He said that this was the best book he read for athletes and high-performers and re-reads the a couple times per year. Naturally I bought the book, loved it, re-read it, and made my Junior Davis Cup team read it in lead up to our World Championship….

Ryan Holiday, the other of this book, divides the book up in three main chapters: 1) Perception, 2) Action, and 3) Will. He subdivides each of these topics in smaller chapters where he breaks down the definition and provides examples of past leaders, generals, athletes, etc. who have lived these values. This book is very easy to read, the examples he provides are enjoyable and diverse, and a great book to take change your perspective on your job, personal life, and day to day. Enjoy!

Stoicism 101 (Article)

Time Ferriss is a writer, entrepreneur, and investor who dedicated his time on learning from experts in their field and experimenting himself with new challenges. Ferriss lives by the philosophy of stoicism and was initially inspired by the letters of Lucius Seneca (these letters are provided for free on his website) back in 2006. In this blog, Tim lets his friend Ryan Holiday (author, marketer, and entrepreneur) talk about stoicism, what it stands for, and how you can apply it in your own life.  The fundamentals of stoicism are based off the practice of misfortune, training perception to avoid good and bad, and remembering it’s all ephemeral (remember how small you are). According to Ryan and Tim, the reason for the significant impact of stoicism in their lives is because it’s a philosophy that provides simple and practical rules that you can live by.

Tim Ferriss; Why you should define your fears instead of your goals (video)

This TED Talk is from Tim Ferriss, successful investor and author. In his talk Tim talks about stoicism, how it not only saved his life but helped him gain the success he has today. He explains why it is more helpful to write down your fears rather than your goals. During his talk he will provide a template that everyone can follow which he claims to have had a life-changing impact on himself. While explaining stoicism Tim provides real-life examples of how it made him think differently.