How to Care Less What Others Think (Podcast)

Niyi Sobo is a former NFL running back who owns Peak Mindset Consulting. Sobo has a sports motivation podcast that does book reviews, has athlete spotlights, provides advice and has interviews with different guest. In this 30 minute episode Niyi addresses why people care so much about other people’s opinions. He provides scientific explanation of how our brain operates the way it does and why we are sensitive to criticism or seek approval. His action plan is step 1, learn how to breath. Step 2, analyze your goals and your vision. Step 3, put yourself in more situations where you can be judged.¬†

Working On Self-Confidence (Article)

BelievePerform is a website developed to bring together those who have a passion for sport psychology as well as those who want to get a better understanding of the field. This article is about self-confidence and how crucial this element is for every athlete. The author continues in explaining how mental preparation has played part in successful athletes and talks about the four components of self confidence: use own experience in the field, watch other athletes in same situation where you will compete, verbal persuasion of others, and psychological perception of the area.