The Power of Full Engagement (Book)

This book is written by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz. Jim Loehr is co-founder of the Human Performance Institute, they provide courses and programs for athletes and business people to approach energy differently so that they can sustain a higher performance throughout their days. The Power of full engagement talks about how to manage and maintain your energy (not time). Loehr and Schwartz explain that there are four different but related types of energy: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  They argue that to achieve high performance and to maintain high level of energy people need get the right balance between stress and recovery, have quality sleep,  finding renewal time, expanding emotional capital, and more. The second part of the book provides an action plan which includes defining a purpose, facing the truth, and taking action through powerful rituals.

Peak Performance (book)

This book is written by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness. Stulberg researches, writes, speaks and coaches on health and the science of human performance. Magness is a perfomance coach, author, and lecturer and is currently the Head Coach of Cross Country at the University of Houston. These authors write about how to attain and, more importantly, sustain a high level of human performance (both mentally and physically), whilst avoiding the pitfalls of burnout and underachievement. They draw upon examples in both sports and business and use those examples to understand the similarity in problems and solutions they share. The main topics addressed are: optimally alternating between periods of intense work and rest; developing and harnessing the power of a self-transcending purpose; and priming the body and mind for enhanced productivity.