“How I Built This” with Randy Hetrick of TRX (Podcast)

In NPR’s “How I Built This” podcast, host Guy Raz talks with entrepreneurs and how they built the company and their career from the ground up. This episode is about TRX founder, Randy Hetrick, who was able to introduce a new way of working out with the TRX straps he created while in the Navy. Randy talks about his persistence in selling and in the quality of the product and much more as he talks about the process of getting TRX where it is today.¬†

Ted Radio Hour: Champions (Podcast)

Ted speakers are specialists in their field and talk about a specific topic. Topics range from psychology, nutrition, science, leadership, etc. This podcasts has two different champions in their own field Diana Nyad and Amy Purdy. Also talks about what near-wins do to athletes and the scientific facts of the evolution of different sports.