Strategic Transformation at Tennis Canada (Article)

The European Business Review is the leading business intelligence magazine provides readers with indispensable insight, current best practices and breakthrough ideas. Roger Martin, Director and Chairman of Tennis Canada, explains how the board approached the short term and long term strategy of Tennis Canada with a budget that was less than 10% of other major foundations. This strategy was (successfully) developed after answering 5 key strategy questions: what is the winning aspiration, where to play, how to win, what capabilities must be in place, and what are our management systems. 

Greg Popovic; Spurs Philosophy System (Video)

Greg Popovic is the Coach for the NBA team, the San Antonio Spurs and here he speaks to other coaches about the culture and system he has (successfully) run at his organization. Some of the topic Popovic talks about is the balance between talent and character in the players he recruits, importance of honesty with his staff and players, humility that is taught and lived by from players and staff, appreciation of his staff, and more.