Maslow’s “Basic Human Needs” (Podcast)

NPR Ted Radio Hour combines multiple Ted speakers that talk about their topic and which all relate to each other. Topics range from psychology, nutrition, science, leadership, etc. In this podcast five Ted speakers talk about one (or multiple parts) of Maslow’s hierarchy of basic human needs: physiological needs, safety needs, belongings and love, esteem, and self-actualization. Topics include why we need sleep, what it takes to feel secure, what war teaches soldiers about love, what defines a person’s sense of self, and what makes a life worth living. This is one of the most popular episodes of NPR’s TED Radio hour.

How To Be More Authentic (Article)

Author Olivia Goldwill uses psychology professor Stephen Joseph (who wrote a book on authenticity) and famous psychologist Abraham Maslow on the importance of authenticity. The article talks about why authenticity is so important in today’s world and why people struggle with it. Goldwill uses Maslow’s theory on self-actualization explaining that truly authentic people are empathetic, non-judgmental, and open for new experiences.