Ray Dalio; the Steve Jobs of Investing (Podcast)

Tim Ferris, best-selling author and investor, deconstructs world-class performers from eclectic areas in his podcast to extract the tactics, tools, and routines you can use. Ray Dalio is founder and CEO of one of the biggest hedge funds Bridgewater Associates and author of the book Principles. In this podcast Ferriss and Dalio talk about a wide variety of topics. The conversation starts with talking about Dalio’s background growing up in New York and how he was interested in finance from a young age. Part of the conversation is about the book “Principles” Dalio wrote and why it has been crucial for his success. One of the principle Ferriss and Dalio discussed extensively is ‘pain+reflection = progress’. Bridgewater is known for a meticulous and specific culture in which Dalio explains their meritocratic environment and its tools + protocols the 1000+ employees comply and adhere to. The conversation switches into a more personal topic where both Ferriss and Dalio share their experience with depression. The final parts of the conversation center around Dalio’s idea of what generates happiness and his approach to investing.

6 Key Components to Effective Leadership (Article)

Cross company is a technology company that provides a resources page that includes 7 post “leadership series”, written by the CEO Steve Earley. In this post Earley provides what he believes to be the 6 key components of effective leadership: Honesty and integrity, self-awareness, vision, courage, communication skills, and team-builder. With each key component he provides examples of situation why they are important for effective leaders.

Greg Popovic; Spurs Philosophy System (Video)

Greg Popovic is the Coach for the NBA team, the San Antonio Spurs and here he speaks to other coaches about the culture and system he has (successfully) run at his organization. Some of the topic Popovic talks about is the balance between talent and character in the players he recruits, importance of honesty with his staff and players, humility that is taught and lived by from players and staff, appreciation of his staff, and more.

The Hedgehog Effect; Building High Performance Teams (Article)

The European Business Review is the leading business intelligence magazine provides readers with indispensable insight, current best practices and breakthrough ideas. Author M. Kets de Vries writes about building high-performance teams and how to go further than building structures and processes that facilitate team-work but to understand the intrinsic human motivation (both the rationale and irrational motivation) to allow for an efficient and effective team-first atmosphere. He writes in detail how that type of culture allows for teams to operate with trust, commitment, enthusiasm and enjoyment.