Flow Genome Project; Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler on altered conscious state and stealing fire

Michael Gervais is a world-class psychologist who has worked with world class athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, and more. In his podcast he interviews some of the best performers in their field to decode the many paths toward mastery and provide applied practices that we can all use to be and do more in our lives. Jamie and Steven together wrote the book Stealing Fire together and have independently written a lot of books on flow, the zone, mindfulness, peak performance, and all other altered conscious states. These guys are really cool as they have taken it upon them to uncover that mystery of these altered states athletes, concert goers, and others have enjoyed. In this conversation together with Michael they begin to talk about their background and how and why they got their lifelong interest in these desired feelings high performing people are looking for and/or already doing.

Mind Fitness: How Meditation Boosts Your Focus, Resilience, and Brain (Video)

Big Think aims to help you move above and beyond random information, toward real knowledge, offering big ideas from fields outside your own that you can apply toward the questions and challenges in your own life. Have you, like me, heard about meditation a million times? And does it feel like everyone around you is doing it, yet you might not be convinced? This short 8 minute video gives more scientific consequences of meditation. Psychologist Daniel Coleman explains the behavioral, cognitive, and neuroscientific changes long-term meditators go through. Coleman goes further and talks about improving resilience, minimizing mindwandering and more.

Still not convinced? If you’re like me and  want more scientific proof on the benefits of breathing exercises (which is probably the main focus when meditating) then perhaps you like this video. Here Neuroscientist Alan Watkins talks about Heart Rate Variability and how breathing exercises can improve resilience, strengthen your heart, help your digestive system, and more!

Cal Newport; How to Become an Elite Cognitive Performance

Niyi Sobo is a former NFL running back who owns Peak Mindset Consulting. Sobo has a sports motivation podcast that does book reviews, has athlete spotlights, provides advice and has interviews with different guest. In this episode host, Niyi Sobo, interviews bestselling author and tenured professor at Georgetown Cal Newport. This episode there is a lot of comparison between elite athletes and elite cognitive performers (such as writers or researchers). Newport provides examples out of his own life and includes research to support some of the methods elite cognitive performers effectively use. Some of the topics discussed are importance of saying no, why you should plan, the issue of focus in today’s world, why following your passion is not good, lag vs lead measures, and more.