The Inner Game of Tennis (Book)

Author, Timothy Gallwey is the former Captain of the Harvard Tennis Team and would go on to write the Inner Game of Tennis. After the success of this book Gallwey wrote Inner Game books on golf, skiing, music, work, and stress which eventually lead him to founding the Inner Game International School. Gallwey wrote this book for tennis players on how to manage their emotion better and improve quicker. He explains that every person is split up in to two selves; the ’conscious self’ and the ’doing self’. He teaches techniques on how learn to trust your ’doing self’, increase body awareness, improve focus, and play the game without judgment.


How To Coach, According to 5 Great Coaches (Article)

Harvard Business Review Press publishes the best thinking in the areas of business strategy, general management, technology, leadership, human resources and innovation. In this specific piece you will find advice from 5 legendary coaches all from different sports on how to lead and manage your team. The article discusses the importance of preparation, need for adjustments in coaching style, and the significance of choosing encouragement over critic