Andre Agassi, Open (Book)

This autobiography is of Andre Agassi, one of the best tennis players to have ever played the game. “Open” is widely regarded as one of the best autobiographies in sports because of the originality of the story, his brutally honest writing, and his favorable personality. The book starts with his family and how his father got to America and is written chronologically. The final part of the book is about his final match and retiring from the sport. Some of the more shocking material in this book was his love (or lack of) for tennis, his experience with the coaches he had, his tough junior career, and his off-court issues. 

The Road to Character (Book)

The Road to Character is written by David Brooks; he’s an author as well as a political and cultural commentator. In this book Brooks tries to explain the essence of good character and how today’s world and evolving cultures have changed the outlook and perspective of the people. Brooks writes in his book that to cultivate character and strengthen your moral compass one needs suffering, love, humility, vocation, obedience and honest self-confrontation. These experiences and character traits are described in ten biographical summaries of historical figures such as Dwight Eisenhouwer, Frances Perkins, Johnny Utah, Michel de Montaigne, Dorothy Day and more. Brooks looks to bring back some of “the good ole’ days” that helped get where we are, while showing his disapproval and fear of the self-indulgent and narcissistic culture we live in today.