From hero to zero – when leaders turn bad: Manfred Kets de Vries

Ted Talks is a non profit that gives are specialists in their field a stage and talk about their self-chosen topic. Topics range from psychology, nutrition, science, leadership, etc. Manfred is a psycho-analyst that does a lot of executive coaching. In his talk he talks about the pitfalls of leadership and how to become an authentic (and effective) leader. Manfred explains that many leaders struggle because of the power they receive. Their ego grows, people around them say what they want while at the same time they start listening less to others. To avoid becoming a leader like this he proposes in trying to be an authentic leader that fights narcissism and hubris. Get to know yourself and ask what meaning and legacy you want to leave behind he suggests. His advice? Improve emotional intelligence, stimulate your creativity, and create a culture of honesty and listeners.

Leadership with a Smile Managing Our Emotions as a Tool of Enacting Leadership (Article)

TThe European Business Review is the leading business intelligence magazine provides readers with indispensable insight, current best practices and breakthrough ideas. The writer, Dr. Marian Izatt-White, focuses her research around successful leadership on a day-to-day basis. In this article she writes about the balance of being authentic, while managing your emotions for effective leadership. The article provides real-world examples of instances where managers needed to control their emotions (such as in redundancies and disciplinary conversations) and when they effectively allowed for authentic emotions to surface. Preparation, having an outlet, and exercise are among the advises to control your emotional outlet in a professional setting.

How to Overcome Anxiety and Stress; Michael Gervais (Podcast)

Tim Ferriss, best-selling author and investor, deconstructs world-class performers from eclectic areas  in his podcast to extract the tactics, tools, and routines you can use. The well-respected sports psychologist Michael Gervais has worked with Olympians, Super Bowl champions, elite coaches, and more. This podcast Gervais talks about stress and anxiety and the tools he tries to teach to help that are visualization, mindfulness, authenticity, and having strong relationships. Other topics discussed are effective (and less effective) ways to self-talk, behind-the-scenes stories of Michael’s clients, understanding mastery, and much more

How To Be More Authentic (Article)

Author Olivia Goldwill uses psychology professor Stephen Joseph (who wrote a book on authenticity) and famous psychologist Abraham Maslow on the importance of authenticity. The article talks about why authenticity is so important in today’s world and why people struggle with it. Goldwill uses Maslow’s theory on self-actualization explaining that truly authentic people are empathetic, non-judgmental, and open for new experiences.