Change Your Question, Change Your Life (book)

This book is written by Marilee Adams and it challenges you to think about the type of questions you ask (judging or learner questions). Adams claims with the right questions you stimulate innovation, productivity, and create more rewarding relationships. The book is written in a fictitious story line where a Ben Knights is struggling privately and professionally, but starts turning his life around when getting help from a professional. In this process he learns how to ask himself the right questions, how to become more of a learner rather than judger, how to use “questionthinking”, and more. 


Welcome to Inform-Understand-Develop Lead! Over the years I’ve enjoyed to read, listen, and watch material that would help me develop both in my personal and professional life. Someone would share a valuable article, I would search for interesting information, or I would stumble upon an exciting read. With that said, it has not been easy simply finding one website, store, or person who has been able to provide me a vast variety of sources and topics that could be beneficial for me. This is where I decided to basically start “Philippe’s Library for Personal Development”.

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