Welcome to Inform-Understand-Develop Lead! Over the years I’ve enjoyed to read, listen, and watch material that would help me grow in both my personal and professional life. Someone would share a valuable article, I would search for interesting information, I would stumble upon an new podcast station, etc. With that said, I would spend so much time on searching for topics that would benefit my personal development, making sure the source is reliable, while getting comfortable with all the different types of media the information would be presented. In addition, there are different types of learners (such as visionary versus auditory). For me, I know I digest information the best through podcasts. Years I would try to digest information through text which was much harder for me because I would read slow, often lose focus,and struggle to retain information. Only about a year ago did I learn about the dozens of podcast stations and episodes that provide equally fantastic information on personal development and have been able to soak up the information much more efficiently.

After realizing the jungle of information I went through and the time I essentially wasted I decided to start “Philippe’s Library for Personal Development”. If you are looking for expert content for personal development from various sources in multiple types of media, then this is your website.

On IUD-Lead you’ll find expert content from different authors, journalists, professors, and bloggers. What you will also find are many different topics ranging from emotional intelligence to nutritional insight or from mindfulness practice to coaching philosophies. On this website, I provide a short summary of the source and the content to see if it peaks your interest, if so then you can click on the text and it will take you directly to the original source of content for the full story/video/podcast. Video’s and podcasts are directly linked to the post on this website.

My hope is that I can help you find more resources, get you interested in more topics, and have you be more efficient in finding content that can positively influence you personally and/or professionally!