Blinded By Belief (Article)

INSEAD Knowledge is the expert opinion on and management insights portal of INSEAD Business School. Writer of this article, Manfred Kets, works with business executives and has written and spoken a lot about leadership and working in teams. In this specific article he addresses signs of people suffering from”denialism”;┬árefusal to admit the truth of a concept or proposition that is supported by the majority of scientific or historical evidence. Manfred explains that denialism comes from a defensive mechanism built in stress where people have learned to say or do whatever is needed to disarm the opponents logic. We all have met someone like this (or maybe you are one of them?!), but how do you work with them? Manfred explains that you need to first acknowledge when the defense mechanism flares up. Once realized try to ask open ended question to explore what they are running from and to arrive at self-understanding instead of having it imposed on them. Make sure you’re clear in saying that no one has the answers and try to go from there. More information and detail in the article!

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