I’m Right, You’re Wrong (Podcast)

Using science and storytelling, Hidden Brain reveals the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, the biases that shape our choices, and the triggers that direct the course of our relationships. We all know that person who is so stubborn, hard to convince, and not always easy to be around. This podcast might help you understand those people and how to deal with them. Cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Tali Sharot and podcast host Shankar discuss, from a scientific perspective, on how people are influenced and why they are willing to defend their opinions regardless of the facts provided. Tali reveals which tactics persuasive people use when they want to provoke action or inaction in others (such as getting people to vote or trying to have people avoid getting the flu shot). Tali and Shankar also talk about examples and solutions on how you can convince or influence someone regardless of the level of stubborness. (Hint, tell a story and elicit emotion to those you speak to). A helpful exercise they explained which I thought was useful is the surprising popular vote exercise; it helps you figure out who in your group might truly be the expert and who is bs’ing. Great podcast and helpful for any parent, professional, or stubborn person who is trying to understand him or herself.

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